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neurodiversikey® may have been established recently, but we are far from new to the neurodiversity movement. Join us as we harness the power of education to foster neuroinclusion and dismantle neuronormativity in all things law.

Scales of justice.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to change the way the justice system and legal sector see neurodivergence, and to empower neurodivergent people.

We want to address neuroinclusion at all levels and from all perspectives of the justice system, from law enforcement to the judiciary. Our goal is to educate both those working in and using the justice system to ensure fairness.

Our vision

We want a neuroinclusive justice system where neurodivergent individuals are understood, respected, and aware of their legal rights, whatever their role. That’s why we are working to dismantle the barriers faced by neurodivergent individuals in a range of contexts, from legal recruitment to legal services.

Lady justice

Our team

Our strength lies in our individuality and lived experience.

A black and white headshot of Danielle Gleicher-Bates, a smiling white woman with long straight hair and glasses.

Danielle Gleicher-Bates

Chair, Co-Founder

A black and white headshot of Emma Llanwarne, a smiling white woman with a long curled hair.

Emma Llanwarne


With special thanks to our previous team member:

A black and white headshot of Charlotte Clewes-Boyne, a smiling white woman with a bob hair cut and fringe.

Charlotte Clewes-Boyne


A shining trophy against a grey background.


We are so proud of all that we have achieved to date, and we are grateful to every one of our supporters, without whom none of this would have been possible.

In our first three months we have been:

  • shortlisted for ‘Disability and/or Neurodiversity Initiative of the Year’Women and Diversity in Law Awards 2024;
  • nominated for the SME News UK Legal Awards 2024.
We are delighted to have won┬á‘Legal Sector Neurodiversity NPO of the Year’ in the SME News UK Legal Awards 2024 just five months post-launch.
Our Chair, Danielle Gleicher-Bates, won┬á‘DE&I Champion of the Year in a Specialist Role’Women and Diversity in Law Awards 2024. Co-founder Charlotte Clewes-Boyne has been shortlisted for the Legal Heroes 2024.
We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Disability Power 100 2024, alongside co-founders Charlotte Clewes-Boyne and Danielle Gleicher-Bates. Additionally, we are proud to be a finalist of the┬á‘Community Organisation Award for Disability’National Diversity Awards 2024.
SME News UK Legal Awards 2024 Winner Legal Sector Neurodiversity NPO of the Year 2024. Official SME announcement in May 2024.
Text says "National Diversity Awards 2024 Finalist Celebrating Unity in Society"
A banner. Text says: "Women & Diversity in Law Awards. 13th March 2024, The Brewery, London. FINALIST."
Pink and purple banner with text: The Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 #DisabilityPower100 2024 Shortlisted.
DE&I Champion of the Year in a Specialist Role. WINNER Danielle Gleicher-Bates neurodiversikey. www.womenanddiversityinlawawards.com

Danielle Gleicher-Bates

Danielle is a Co-Founder and Chair of neurodiversikey®, as well as a Bar Vocational Studies student at City University, for which she was awarded scholarships from the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple and City Law School.

Passionate about equity, diversity and inclusion, Danielle utilises lived experience of late-identified ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and a visual processing disorder to increase understanding and challenge perceptions of neurodivergence. Having co-founded Neurodiversity in Law in 2020, Danielle has gained a wealth of experience advocating for neurodiversity and has produced educational materials in multiple formats. She has developed guidance and advised on assorted neurodiversity topics, including for the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, and co-authored the ADHD in Custody guide.

Emma Llanwarne

Emma is a Co-Founder of neurodiversikey® as well as a Consultant Criminal Defence Paralegal. In 2022 Emma graduated from the Bar Vocational Studies LLM with Specialism in Advanced Criminal Advocacy, having been awarded the Rosina Hare Scholarship by Middle Temple. Her dissertation on the Appeal placement and the importance of pro bono clinics was selected by City Law School as a model distinction-level dissertation.

Previously a midwife and clinical negligence paralegal, Emma uses her breadth of experience and understanding to better serve neurodivergent clients and the neurodivergent community. As a late-identified dyslexic ADHDer, Emma co-founded Neurodiversity in Law and single-handedly established its Criminal Justice System section. She spearheaded and co-authored the ADHD in Custody Guide, and is currently developing the next in the series.

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